Smithi Engineering is an Australian owned and operated company established by Wayne and Melanie Smith in 2006 and came about from over 15 years of competing in the most extreme 4×4 winching competitions.  Wayne Smith’s dedication to improving winching techniques led to becoming the Australian distributer of Gigglepin winches, free spooling winch drums, twin motor winch adaptors and other outstanding quality winching products.

Wayne Smith has achieved multiple 1st places in Australia, Croatia, Poland, Malaysia and New Zealand and 2nd behind Craig Lowndes in the Australian Safari 2010.  He has stood on the podium at King of the Hammers USA and as a navigator he is considered to by top 3 in the world.

Wayne was looking for a winch that would continue to give him the cutting edge to tackle extreme circumstances under pressure.

Everything displayed on this site has been tested and developed in the toughest conditions, through the rigorous demands of 4X4 winch challenge racing.  This level of R&D cannotWayne_Smith_Smithi be simulated on any test lab, only a continuous pounding in the heat of competition can define a products strength and reliability.  We have tortured all our winch products till they screamed, to produce nothing but the best.

We offer these winch products to you, to upgrade your Warn 8274 and torture and discover for yourself the reliability and unmatched performance.

Have a look around this site; you’ll want to contact us.