NEW Gigglepin Free Spool Drum Air Operated to suit Warn 8274 + 76mm extended – Free Shipping Australia Wide


This pneumatic freespool drum is a direct replacement for the drum on a standard Warm 8274 (of any age).

Available in +76mm increased length over standard 8274.

This product benefits from over 8 years design and testing and shares design features/components with our GP80 series complete winches & lower housings.

Drums are supplied as a complete kit, including activation kit, drum seal, lubricant & fitting guide.

Drum Features:

•    8mm thick Drum end plates to reduce flex.
•    Drum end plates spaced away from lower housing so if either do flex the drum continues to operate.
•    Reduced Diameter to increase rope capacity
•    Improved EN36 case hardened dog engagement technology same as GP80 series for total reliability
•    Large free end sealed bearing & adapter/retention ring for smooth operation
•    Drum seal spacer built onto drum
•    Gigglepin rope retention system
•    Supplied with drum seal
•    Supplied with GP Seal Lube (G10018)
•    Supplied with Air solenoid activation kit
•    Supplied with fitting guide & wiring diagram