Gigglepin Super Housing – lower housing upgrade for Warn 8274 – Free Shipping Australia Wide


Gigglepins replacement of the Warn 7594 lower housing/casing for Warn M8274-50 high mount winch  is a smarter design, is tougher and more reliable than the genuine Warn part 7594.


Gigglepin Super Housing replaces Warn part7594 lower housing/casing for Warn M8274-50 high mount winch.   Smarter design, tougher and more reliable than the genuine Warn part 7594.  It is the new solution to a broken Warn 8274 lower casing / lower housing assembly.

Watch the video below from 0:48-1:35 to hear about the improved benefits of the GP 8274 Lower Casing.

Manufactured from heat treated cast aluminium it has the following features:

  •  Compatible with Warn 8274 Top Housing or ANY GP twin motor top housing
  •  Large drum roller bearing and adaptor to fit any 8274 drum or 8274 Free spooling drum
  •  Twin lipped drum seal to stop dirt increase and stop oil leaks
  •  12 symmetrical M12 mounting points
  •  Removable stainless steel brake pawl mount for longevity and serviceability
  •  Brakeshaft roller bearing and adaptor supplied as standard
  •  Oil drain bung with iridium magnet
  •  Compatible with Warn M8274-50 and ALL Gigglepin Twin-motor top housings
  •  Designed to work with Gigglepin heavy duty SuperShaft, no D shim required
  •  Increased oiling to Brakeshaft and 7548 gear interface
  •  Allows rear brace bars to be fitted when used in conjunction with Gigglepin billet drum end plate
  •  Bronze bush depth stop and retainer screw as standard
  •  Lower casing inspection port
  •  Thicker casing for increased strength
  •  Supplied with top housing mounting bolts

You may want to add the GP Billet Drum End Plate and/or brace bars.


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