Gigglepin Supershaft Heavy Duty Upgrade – WITHOUT LARGE CAM GEAR -Free Shipping Australia Wide


The strongest and best design available. Redesigned to remove faults found with original unit that compromise strength and cause failures. This is the same mainshaft that is used in our competition winning GP Series Winches. Material grade has been increased from EN24 to EN36 to stop breakage. Gears are now shimmed to support them, eliminating tooth breakage. The circlip at the end of the shaft has been replaced with a cap and bolt configuration, ensuring correct brake function at all times. The bearing surfaces have been manufactured to higher tolerances, giving unsurpassed reliability. This shaft kit has been developed to give the serious Warn 8274 user the strength and reliability required in today’s competition and extreme winch situations.

You have the option to purchase the large Cam Gear with this kit, contact Smithi Engineering for details.

This kit has six advantages over the standard item:

• Increased material strength.

• Bolted end cap replaces brake end circlip.

• Enlarged bearing surfaces to spread load evenly.

• Deletion of retaining plate groove giving maximum shaft strength.

• Shimming of gears reducing gear tooth breakage of the splined cams.

• Redesigned, uprated cam gear for perfect cam engagement and greater strength.

The mainshaft kit is supplied with:

• Small cam gear

• Replacement Drum Retention Plate

• Alloy “D” shim

• Large circlip and spacer

• 2x M3 shim retaining bolts

• 2.5mm Hex (Allen) Key

• End cap and bolt

• Fitting guide


The “Supershaft” was the first upgrade product form Gigglepin and was launched in 2004.  Since then thousands have been sold and installed to winches across the globe.

It solves SIX PROBLEMS found inside the warn 8274 winch and has the following features:

  • Increased material strength
  • Bolted end cap replaces brake end circlip
  • Enlarged bearing surfaces to spread the load
  • Deletion of groove giving max shaft strength
  • Gear shim reducing gear tooth breakage
  • Redesigned, up-rated cam gear for perfect cam engagement and greater strength

It comes with:

Small cam gear, Alloy “D” shim, large circlip and spacer, 2 x M3 shim retaining bolts, end cap and bolt, replacement drum retention plate, M3 tap, 2.5mm hex (Allen) key, fitting guide.


Note:  Warranty void if using existing Warn 7550 gear.  Any warranty replacements made will be at trade only if new 7550 gear is purchased at the same time.